EREP is a real estate investment firm that acquires Non-Performing Assets (“NPAs”), which include Non-Performing Loans (“NPLs”) and bank foreclosed real estate (Other Real Estate Owned - “OREO”), from underserved market segments in the U.S. and Europe.  The firm seeks to provide capital appreciation, current yield and portfolio diversification to institutional and private investors alike through the acquisition, operation and ultimate disposition of commercial real estate.

EREP’s investment platform features a collaborative transaction process and alternative financing structure, which specifically address the barriers to transacting in certain segments of the banking sector, making EREP a preferred disposition channel for non-performing commercial real estate assets.

EREP’s ability to provide an alternative form of seller-based financing drives bank acquisition activity by:

  • Bringing financing to the front-end of the transaction for otherwise non-financeable assets
  • Minimizing the negative impact to banks’ capital ratios relative to traditional all cash offers
  • Ensuring compliance with U.S. federal (FAS 66) and European IFRS (IAS 18) accounting rules
  • Creating a significant cost of capital advantage as a function of its unique, credit-enhanced senior secured low-rate debt

The firm possesses extensive sourcing relationships within the U.S. and European banking community (access to 500+ U.S. community banks and dozens of European money-center banks) representing an aggregate market opportunity in excess of $40B.

In addition, EREP’s executive management team represents a diverse skill set with substantial expertise in real estate acquisitions, investment banking, investment management, and asset management combined with financial and structured products development.